Unallocated Magical & Exceptional Items

You guys need to assign these


Necklace of Prayer Beads found within the tombs of Stonehell
Magical Breastplate taken from Magistrate Malchor
Magical Curved Dagger taken from Magistrate Malchor
Magical Bracers taken from Blackspike
+1 Ring of Protection found beneath the Twisted Tree
10 Small MW crossbow bolts found beneath the Twisted Tree
3 Potions of Improved Reduce Person
1 Scroll of Improved Reduce Person
Cal’s potions of Resist Elements & Bear’s Endurance
Cal’s Small, MW chain whip
Small MW Longbow taken from the goblin archer
Magical Pipes taken from the Werebadger
MW Shortsword taken from the Werebadger
Cal’s standard sized hand crossbow
Cal’s Spyglass
Scroll case w/tricky sliding/locking mechanism containing an arcane scroll taken from the Werebadger
Darkwood Heavy Crossbow
Darkwood Large Shield
Darkwood Boar Spear
Cal’s MW thieves tools


Unallocated Magical & Exceptional Items

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