Tag: Delves


  • Session XVII

    As the party recuperated within the ruined gatehouse that served as their erstwhile base, they were observed and eventually joined by a new adventurer by the name of [[:vensys-the-spotless | Vensys the Spotless]]. Finding the kobolds once again who had …

  • Ilarion's Keep

    !(media-item-align-center)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/237697/Orcs_of_Ilarion_s_Keep.jpg(Orcs of ilarion s keep)!Said to be haunted by vampyres. Until just recently, inhabited by a particularly fierce group of Orcs

  • StoneHell

    Centuries ago, when the Imperium was young, one of its earliest Overlords devised this prison as a solution to abet his overflowing dungeons and oubliettes and to rest the weary arms of his executioners. Banished, were the politically unpopular, the …

  • The Cube

    Observed from afar by others in the hamlet, the stranger sat akin to a campfire in a meadow several hundred yards away from Vispera for a period of three days, taking no food, drink, or sleep. On the third day, the stranger stood, raised his stave to the …

  • Rappan Athuk

    Deep within its depths is said to be an immense Goblin city that welcomes trade from the surface world.