The dwellings of Hindfell are an assortment of permanent and semi-permanent dwellings, the population a majority of humans with a smattering of Hill Dwarves, Halflings, and half breeds. Perm_dwelling.jpg

Typical_yurt.jpgA hundred years ago, the Overlord of that era, weary of the raiding and banditry that permeated the region, seized the town.

The current ruler, Lord Garerd, under the authority of The Invincible Overlord, is instilled in a central, wooden tower overlooking the marketplace and manned by an Imperial Throng known as the Crimson Keepers. Lord_Garerd_s_Tower.jpg

Points of Interest

The Central Market – a riot of hovels, carts, tents & permanent edifices, trade is the primary draw of Hindfell. Virtually anything can be had if one looks hard enough. Mainstays include vigorous horse-trading and some slave trading.


  • The Wayfarers’ Inn – Caters to travelers & transients and functions as an impromptu shrine to Fharlanghn
  • The Bloody Rope – A drinking tent serving the Crimson Keepers
  • The Grey Griffon – the local drinking hall, interlopers best mind their manners.


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