Death’s Tally Keeper



Jergal is an ancient deity, older than many of the greater gods. In ancient times he was a greater deity, with the portfolios of the Dead, Murder and Strife.

Jergal is cold and indifferent, sanctioning the use and creation of undead by his followers, provided they serve the cause of advancing death in the world. He is not evil or malicious, but impassively records the death of all things.


Each being has an eternal resting place that is chosen for him or her at the moment of creation. Life is a process of seeking that place and eternal rest. Existence is but a brief aberration in an eternity of death. Power, Success, and joy are as transitory as weakness, failure, and misery. Only death is absolute, and then only at its appointed hour. Seek to bring order to the chaos of life, for in death there is finality and a fixedness of state. Be ready for death for it is at hand and uncompromising. Life should be prolonged only when it serves the greater cause of the death of the world.

Practices and Holy Days

The Sealing – It is to the Clerics of Jergal that the responsibility of recording this death is given. For each death that they can so mark, the tally the name, date of death, how they died, and their final destination in the afterlife. They dry the ink in their book with a prayer and a sprinkling of bone and ash.

Night of Another Year – The only time that is “sacred” to the few followers that Jergal has is “The Night of Another Year” which is the last day of the year. During this time they take the day to rest from recording death and instead mark the day as another year closer to the end of all things. During the celebration, they records of the dead are recited. Afterwards they seal or burn the book containing that year’s dead and start a new one.

All other days and celebrations are considered distractions to their work.



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