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Known Deities of the Wilderlands
CrypticusThe Cloaked One, god of secrets & forbidden lore

St. Cuthbert

FharlangnThe Dweller on the Horizon, god of roads & travelers

FreyaThe Bountiful One, goddess of love & fertility

PelorThe Lord of Light, The Shining One, god of the sun

JergalScrivener of Souls
Settlements & Strongholds

Bulwark – Several days’ ride east of the Darkling woods can be found a village rife with Halflings, pipeweed, and the finest riding dogs this side of the City State.

Citadel of Tenava – a freehold housing an amalgamation of trappers, rangers and druids. The denizens of Tenava, as overseen by the Lady Marlee, strive to be stewards of the land, living in harmony with their environs.

The City State of the Invincible Overlord

Darnegal – The Living Stone

Dundraville – An unexceptional farming village of 452 mostly human inhabitants hunkered behind earthen berms and overseen by the Lord Duncan Merriweather.

Fortress of the Wisemen (aka The Tower of the Heavens) – Located on an islet midstream of the River Bucknol, a ferry traverses the river to the base of its parapets which are manned by diminutive guardsmen of scathing wit.

Hindfell – from a distance, its slanting, jagged palisades give this barbaric settlement the appearance of a hedgehog in a defensive crouch. Long a central place for various Tharbrian clans to meet and trade horses, this large village has an active marketplace where it is said that virtually anything can be bought or sold.

Midwynn – a collection of dank, damp palisades inhabited by hardy woodsmen and located at the edge of the Darkling Woods

Silverton – a silver mining encampment south of the nameless hills.

Vispera – to describe this run down collection of hovels as a backwater would be an insult to backwaters…

Westgate Keep – Surrounded by a moat filled with brackish water, this veritable keep on the borderlands represents the westernmost display of the Invincible Overlord’s power. Within its safe confines, bustling trade keeps the pioneering folk of the Dalelands supplied with civilized niceties.
Places & Geographical Features

Dalelands – the Westernmost frontier of the City State’s demesne, these bucolic, rolling plains present fertile farmlands and a fresh start for those emboldened to set out into the Wilderlands. Westgate Keep stands sentry, guarding against incursions from the Stonefolk Plains and the Huntsmen of Caetlem.

The Darkling Woods – these woods are said to attract witches on account of the Mandrake roots that proliferate its spooky environs.

Stonefolk Plains – an inhospitable, stony desert rife with strange rock formations.

The Valley of Shrines – next to a lake of crystalline purity, lie twin shrines dedicated to forgotten, demanding gods beyond which is said to be the final resting place of their most devoted holy man: St. Abysthor.


The Caves of Chaos – renowned, back in the day, as a proving grounds for erstwhile,young bravos, the Caves are said to be played out. Certain Tharbrians, as of late, would seem to dispute this characterization.

The Cube – On a dark night more than a fortnight ago, a ragged wayfarer passed through Vispera. Clothes caked with layers of dust, eyes red with sleeplessness, over one shoulder he carried a laden sack. A local ne’er do well, attempting to waylay him, subsequently had his flesh blasted from his bones by searing flame emanating from the the gold & gem capped ebon stave the mysterious stranger bore…

Ilarion’s Keep- North of Westgate, within an overgrown & tangled copse, lie the ruins of Ilarion’s Keep. Built over 90 years ago, Ilarion was a kindly mage who build and dedicated a chapel to St. Cuthbert within his keep’s walls. In his latter years, he was said to have become fixated upon elongating his lifespan and was known to have possessed a magical stave.

Old Dundraville – located about 150 yards south and east of the current Dundraville and consisting of a clutch of ruined and disassembled buildings., Old Dundraville was the site of a massive fire several generations ago. Long abandoned, it has held little of interest but for a recently unearthed cistern which became the site of a Dark Day

Rapan Athuk – A renowned delve colloquially referred to as The Dungeon of Graves, the malevolent hordes of a death god were driven deep under the surface by the forces of good over a century ago. Two summers ago, Lord Bofred of Westgate took a contingent of his bravest warriors to investigate reports of dark forces awakening from its depths. He has not been heard from since and Castellan Macsen is desperate for word from him.

Skulltop Hillock – The abode of the slain, extortionist ogre, Blogg, final resting place of the undead Lord Tulwar, and the secret hide-out of a now vanquished malignant mage.

StoneHell – somewhere off an old road leading into the Stonefolk Plains and less than a quarter day’s ride past a toadstool-shaped stone, this delve is said to be set into a box canyon blocked off by a gatehouse.

The Sunken Spires – within the Stygian depths of the Earth’s Scar can be glimpsed sunken battlements & minarets.

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