Located at the edge of the Darkling Woods, Midwynn is an isolated hamlet harboring 275 hardy souls, behind damp, dank palisades ruled by Lady Arabella Varain

Points of Interest

  • The Barracks: A 15-foot-high stockade fence surrounds the isolated wilderness hamlet of Midwynn. Two 20-foot-high towers flank the gate and serve as the barracks for the town’s militia.
  • The Bent Coin: Midwynn’s largest building is a tavern and inn called The Bent Coin. Operated by Galwyn Finla, the wooden building has an extensive tap room and 10 rooms available for rent. The food is simple but of good quality and the taproom is always busy at night.
  • Shoddy’s Smithy: Iron Shoddy, a gnomish blacksmith, maintains a small shop in the town circle. His nickname does not reflect the quality of his work, but instead his propensity to iron shod everything. He mostly works with mundane items such as cookware, tools, and construction materials. He can forge weapons and has a limited amount for sale, at slightly high prices.
  • Town Hall: This simple wooden building contains several small offices, a records storeroom, a courtroom and a conference room. Here, Malchor and Lady Arabella oversee the everyday operation of Midwynn, updating records, settling disputes, etc.
  • Varain Estate: This lavish estate is surrounded by a wrought-iron gate. It consists of several buildings and a multi-level house.

Termion the Herbalist


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