Into the Wilderlands

Session XLV: Enter the Xosa & onto Catellan

As recounted by Oisin

Having encountered a mix of summoned rats and rat swarms beneath the abandoned hamlet, we decided to return to the surface. Topside, we saw a Halfling fleeing from three men clad in black & red on horseback.

Having expended my spells down in the tunnels, I unslung my bow and held back as my companions entered combat to assist the poor, little fellow. After a prolonged and bloody battle, just when the raiders seemed to have won, stealing one of our horses to boot, my companions managed to take down the leader and one of his comrades and drove the remaining one off.

Opting to return to Hindfell and rest and heal before embarking to the druid enclave, I spent most of the next day copying a new spell from my new companion’s spell book and the remainder of the day seeking out a wizard with whom to trade or converse. I was told of a person named Redman Dumple, one of the remaining members of some conclave called “The Nine” but did not make his acquaintance.

My companions decided to head to the temple of the Spider God for healing before heading out into the Wilderlands. There, Taron was able to garner their services in exchange for an impressively-sized ruby.

Upon reaching the Catellan, we found it deserted with a smoking pile of corpses in the town square. Hearing a banging sound coming from the nearby inn, we went to investigate.

The noise emanated from the root cellar, the trap door of which, was barred. We decided to let whatever was out to see if we could question what had happened. A grey skinned female monster attacked us. Thankfully, it was a quick battle and the monster was destroyed easily.

Upon searching the inn, we found a ledger indicating a priestess, her elven handmaiden and a male companion were recent guests. The journal described how the companions were attempting to locate and stop the source of a plague which they thought to be passed from a merchant named Karn (who mysteriously arrived and left days before the enclave was abandoned).

Was the grey skinned female monster one of the three companions that were staying at the inn? Time will tell as we continue to investigate.


Tharbrians, visit to temple of the Spider God, Catelin


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