Into the Wilderlands

Session LX: A Brighter Dawn? as told by Oisin

Spirit Day, the 10th of Sweetrain, BCCC 4433

In Hindfell, we were asked by Uxald, the former owner of the now smoldering Wayfarer’s Inn, for safe passage out of the town. While we were talking, I heard a whisper from Maethe, emanating from a portal. Checking in, he inquired as to the group’s interest in coming to Midwynn to perform a task for him but I was noncommittal and Maethe said he’d check back in three days time.

Soon thereafter, a number of the Grey death attacked the ramparts from the north end of the city. The adventurers assisted the Crimson Keepers in repelling the attack .

A dirty-faced urchin came up to me (after approaching several other members of the party) on the behalf of Redrum, the child-sized wizard we encountered the previous day. Redrum wanted to make amends and was offering a spell book of conjuration.

Lord Garerd summoned us to his tower and spoke to us about missing pilgrims in the Valley of the Shrines and burial hall of Abysthor that might hold a relic that could help end the plague of the Grey Death. We opted to investigate.

We journeyed to the Valley of Shrines, encountering hill dwarves before crossing a bridge . They spoke of being attacked by “insects” and riders that were going to and from the valley. We made camp with the dwarves for the night and Nigel talked to them for information about the Valley.

The dwarves spoke of a sorcerer rumored to be beneath the caves under the burial halls, a teacher of Rune magic, but with a steep cost. They also mentioned Rapan Athuk, the dungeon of graves, located north & west past swamps and forest.

During the night, Kobolds emerged from the Earth’s Scar, neath the bridge, but the party and dwarves repelled the creatures, driving them back down from whence they came.

In the morning, black clad riders, who we identified as Priests of Orcus, approached the camp riding from the direction of the valley. We attacked as they rode by and I struck one with an ice knife spell. The presumed leader turned and vowed they would settle with us later and rode off.

We continued on to the Valley of Shrines. There, across a despoiled lake, we could see a cave mouth on the distant mountainside and two temples, one for Thyr, god of law and justice and the other for a Muir, demigod and patron of Paladins.

Opting to investigate the shrine of Thyr first, we found a desecrated interior.
Written on the plinth of a statue of Thyr in Celestial were the words " As you obey commands of Thyr, so does this figure obey your command" We deduced that prayers of a cleric or paladin would be required.

Spark uttered his spells and, in doing so, moved the statue revealing a stair case underneath. In the room below the statue, there was celestial writing upon three walls.. All were “passwords” that required clerical spells to open hidden doors, behind which, we found numerous scroll cases and vials holding what appeared to be holy water.

Our initial foray into the Valley of Shrines seems to have provided us possible sanctuary and respite.



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