Into the Wilderlands

Session XLIX : Murder mystery in Darnegal

as recounted by Oisin on the 17th day of Firebloom

Arriving at the druidic enclave, Darnegal , we took residence at the Dancing Centaur, an inn popular amongst travelers. We broke bread with the trio we rescued , Dorrestral, Survoy & Mariella. Afterwards, Surovoy left with a very attractive (for a human) female and some of our group opted to explore the town by way of the various inns.

Upon waking the following day, Mariella came to us saying the bard Surovoy had been murdered, supposedly, by the cleric of the House of Secrets, Dorrestral. We agreed to investigate as witnessing the two the night before we could not believe Dorrestral would murder his friend.

I purchased nicer clothes in order to be able to make a more positive 1st impression. While in the market, I caught a nasty human thief trying to pick my pockets. I called for the guards after he attempted to start a fight and feigned being hurt by my accusation while clearly showing his disgust of my people by slinging slurs for the elven kind. Having better things to do, I let him leave after making sure my belongings were not taken. Upon meeting my friends I told them of the thief and to check to make sure no one was missing anything. Spark discovered his holy symbol had been taken. Spark was distraught so I helped him attempt to find the thief but, after a little while we stopped the search and attended to other things.

Returning to our inn, we encountered Terasin, the druid for whom we had been looking in order to give to him a green book containing the last will and testament of Feodol, his late friend. He gave us information and a reward for our efforts but not before he an Spark found themselves embroiled in a theological tiff resulting in Spark storming off in a huff. Huffs and tiffs! This was developing to be one kind of night!

As Mariella was no longer welcomed at Dorrestral’s church, we offered her a place to stay. Next, we went to the Golden Goblet to talk to the nobles to see if we could find out any information about Karn.

At the Golden Goblet, we encountered the mysterious Karn himself. After accidentally** revealing who Mariella was and that we were looking to him for answers concerning the plague, we ran back to the inn to regroup and arm ourselves. Meeting my friends we agreed to seek out Karn but noticed Spark was no where to be found…



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