Into the Wilderlands

Session XLVIII: Over the hills & through the woods...

As recounted by Rossi, on the 16th day of Firebloom, BCCC 4433

On the first day after I parted ways with my caravan, I opted to go south, traversing the Majestic Mountains via a road known, far and wide, as the Emperor’s Way.

The following day I was gladdened to espy a village in the distance and my spirits were lifted by the prospects of ale and a cooked meal. By the gods was I wrong! The people I approached in the field were savage & ill-intentioned as one of them tried to bite me. I tried to flee and was going to die fighting when an arrow appeared in the neck of one of the grey people. A Sylvan man rode to the rescue and offered me his spare horse to escape.

We rode swiftly away and rejoined his motley group of friends who were encamped within a cave some distance away. I gathered that these companions were well traveled and I was fascinated to hear of their journeys . This is what Fharlanghn has called me to do!

We spent the night camping by firelight at the mouth of a cave and rode away in the morning after hearing buzzing noises. The other party members said it was gnolls. We tried to evade them but they stayed in close pursuit despite the fact that Valas, an experienced ranger, tried to mentor us in covering our tracks.

We found a stone house with a strange man standing in front of it. He wasn’t too friendly and left. I wanted to fight there but we went into the woods to lose the pursuers again. We found a crevasse in the earth where it looked as if a giant dwelled. We ran from that too. I’m not sure how brave my companions are. While were getting away, my horse became lame but Fharlanghn granted me the ability to heal it him so that I was able to continue our journey .

We then came upon a stone door set in the hillside. Translated runes indicated it
was the hall of the hill chief. Unable to enter it, we left. We happened upon the Emperor’s Way again and heard a great noise from the distance. I thought it might be a vision but there was a real dragon on the horizon!

After crossing the road, the gnolls caught up to us and I witnessed some true bravery in the battle. Though I am not yet as strong as my companions, I was able to help them defeat the gnolls, which were quite fearsome!

Now it was time for some proper travel without being hounded every step. Finally, we arrived at Darnegal. I don’t know where this path leads but I know it will be a journey worth taking.



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