Tag: Druid


  • Darnegal

    [[File:710635 | class=media-item-align-center | Darnegal.jpg]] Places of Note: *Inns:* The Dancing Centaur The Drunken Dragon Tavern The Golden Goblet The Rolling Keg Tavern Inn of the Golden Goose Karak's Ale House

  • Sheryn-ella

    The party initially made her acquaintance at the standing stones just outside Dundraville. After the recent depredations of bandits upon Dundraville, Sheryn-Ella went missing but not before she was able to send a plaintive missive of help via animal …

  • Oisin

    Oisin is tall for a human at 6 foot even, fair skined and fair haired, with clear, penetrating blue eyes. Though his is comely, he is also somewhat shy and diffident, his upbringing among the druids giving him little opportunity to practice social …

  • Draíochta Liath ("Drai")

    Draiochta Laith (“Drai”) has an unusual background: a pure-bred Elf raised by entirely by adopted human parents. Drai was found by a scouting party from the Palisades of Tenava when he was a toddler wandering in the ruins of camp of iterant elves caught …