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Welcome to my campaign site. Into the Wilderlands is a 3.5 D&D campaign played in a West Marches style. Here you’ll find no overarching story or plot lines, just an overarching environment that beckons to be explored.

We play Sunday afternoons 1-2 times a month, mostly in Park Ridge, and have been going strong since January ’13. The party consists of a revolving, evolving cast of characters; 3-4 regulars, a few more itinerants, a few others who quickly came and went, and lastly, a couple of others we hope to see again once their lives allow them time to game. Come and stay awhile, maybe longer, for as long as you like, for as long as it continues to be fun.

Regarding character creation, I’m biased towards “Core” classes and races but if you have a concept that’s out there, let me know and we’ll see if your idea can’t be accommodated.

Newbs always tend to ask what the party needs and I always say play what most interests you but here goes: Spellcasters (specifically Druid, Bard, Cleric), a Barbarian and more Rogues (Bards check both boxes). Oh, and we’ve never had a Monk (until just recently) and only briefly, a Paladin. I really don’t know anything about Psionicists and am not sure they’d fit but I’ll give it a shot if you’re really passionate about them.

For stats, roll em up at the the table or make use of this online dice roller and send me your scores once you’ve figured it out. Everyone now starts out at 2nd level. Roll starting gold per the Player’s Handbook and equip your character accordingly with standard gear. Once I’ve given your character idea the all clear, upload him (or her) to the character tab; 50 bonus XP for uploading a character pic, 50 XP for a brief character synopsis or backstory.

Oh, and I also award 100 XP x a character’s level for whomever writes up a session recap from his character’s point of view.

As for myself, I’m a 50 y/o married guy, father, dog owner and almost lifelong gamer. I started rolling the weird dice in 1980 with the Holmes blue box (Stranger Things was my formative era). I enjoy and am influenced by the fantastic adventures of Conan, Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser, Elric of Melnibone, Thieves World and Game of Thrones.

This site is a continuing work in progress with new content being added whenever I’m so inclined. I’m a big believer in player agency and my campaign is an evolving, collaborative effort. So explore the world, build a fortress, raise an army, or just go with the flow…Let’s game!

Home Page

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